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What is Blue Heart?

In February 2015, we published a manga, Blue Heart, based on the experiences of survivors who have reached out to our hotline. We published the manga in the hope of protecting children from the serious issue of commercialization of children’s sex in Japan. Our sincere wish is for this manga to be a tool for children to learn the issue and their rights, as well as for adults to learn the issue and stand up to take action to protect the children.

Thousands of parents, teachers, social workers, librarians, students, healthcare workers, and government officials have been utilizing the manga since publication. Blue Heart has also been covered in many media and has drawn international attention.
In October 2015, the manga was translated into Chinese by the Rotary Club of Taipei North. In 2018, it was also translated into English by a group of high school students at Yokohama International School.

There are many people who have reached out to our hotline after reading the manga and realizing that the situation they are in is very similar to the stories in the manga. Blue Heart has helped many victims to come forward.

We hope that more children and youth have access to this manga and that it contributes to the prevention of and the early intervention of sexual exploitation cases. But more than anything, we yearn for the realization of the society in which tool like Blue Heart is unneeded and there is no need for us to have to warn children to be careful of being sexually exploited.

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