Dear readers,

Children are being bought and sold as sexual commodities all around the world.
In Japan, young teens are targeted for their bodies on a daily basis.
They suffer at the hands of dishonest abults.

People you know may have been victims of sexual harassment, or been unknowingly photographed, or been forced to do horrible things without their consent. Though these things happen, often they are rarely discussed at home or at school.
As a result, they bear their pain in silence. Some people may feel uncomfortable or frightened when they read the stories in this book.

We hope this manga shines a light in the darkness for all who read it. The three stories in this collection are all based on cases we have handled in real life. Not everyone realizes the extent to which sexual exploitation actually happens, so hopefully these stories will open eyes and encourage awareness. That awareness may one day help you or those you care about.

February 2015
Lighthouse: Center for Human Trafficking Victims
Shihoko Fujiwara, Founder

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